SYMBIOBOTICS invents robots that help solve humanitarian problems.
We achieve our vision through innovative cooperation between organizations, collaborative STEAM education, and human rights advocacy.



slide1We are partnering with STEAM experts and high schools across America to create and innovate SYMBIOBOTS as part of their robotics, engineering, and 3D printing curriculum. In doing this, we are merging global human rights advocacy with hard sciences, allowing students to learn about humanitarian issues, while finding and innovating technological solutions as part of their every-day education.  Meet our PARTNERS



PiperVsMinesAfter we create a SYMBIOBOT prototype we make a short, compelling movie that showcases the potential of the technology, utilizing science fiction and cinema as a solution-based art and genre. Films and commercials featuring SYMBIOBOTS serve as publicity and advocacy vehicles for humanitarian and human rights issues.

Where The Robot Things Are, written and directed by Andrew McGregor, is a love story between a rat and PIPER the SYMBIOBOT, who are guiding a stranded group of women through a hazardous mine field into safety. (IN PRODUCTION)



Please see our co-founder and CEO’s award-winning speeches about how we started and where we’re going!

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